Following on from the Arduino AoA Indexer project, we’ve got even more hacks with the “30 Days Lost in Space” kit for DCS World! This time, using a coin acceptor and some easy code with DCS Bios, I’ve created a fun and silly coin-operated fighter challenge! You’ve got five seconds of missile arm time every time you drop in a quarter.

A tactical advantage? No way. Tons of fun? You bet.

Check out the video!

I captured the whole process in a brief video - from wiring to coding and the flight test. Have a look, leave a comment! What other kinds of flight sim hardware hacks would you like to see?

Doing it yourself

If you’d like to try this approach yourself, here’s what you need:

Hardware ingredients needed:

In Memoriam

I dedicate this build to William “Bill” Brandenburg, 1935 - 2021. US Navy, Sub Hunter, Electrical Engineer. Love you, Grandpa!