Charles Cox is a lifelong flight simulator enthusiast with over 2,000 simulated hours in all types of aircraft, starting with the very earliest civil flight sims on 8086 XT personal computers in the late 1980’s, evolving to today’s high-performance computers on his rig Project Nimitz. He is also a pilot in real life: Charles holds a private pilot certificate with ASEL rating and Instrument rating, and operates out of Tacoma Narrows Airport (TIW) in Tacoma, WA.

To learn a little bit about how his flight simulator experience has evolved from then until now, have a look at this video:

Charles is a Director of Financial & Vendor Operations at Warner Bros Discovery. He has certifications in Scaled Agile, Change Management, and AWS Cloud Practitioner. He is a former game developer, designer, and educator; and founder of indie studio 4gency.